CallHippo: 3 common mistakes companies make when speaking to customers

Jeff Bezos says, “Start with the customer and work backward.” This is not just lip service, Bezos and his team have built the entire company culture around this. In every meeting at the Amazon – whether it’s a press release, project meet, or any other meetup – Bezos ensures there is at least a single empty chair reserved for the customer.

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Whatfix: quickfixes for sales battlecards

Battlecards are a key part of our Sales strategy. Without them for our new hires, it would be like fighting a battle against an army tank with a rusted knife :) They provide the necessary ammunition to be well prepared and confident.

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Sales battlecards: 4 mistakes you should avoid

Companies strive hard to drive consistency in their sales process and communication. It is a tough challenge and battlecards has been a ‘new kid on the block’ for some time now. In this post, we talk about how to make them effective and common mistakes that modern sales teams should avoid.

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