Real-time on-screen cues and prompts to assist your AEs and improve their conversion rates.

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Dazzle your prospects

Wingman ensures that sales reps always have the perfect response to your prospects’ questions.

Ramp up faster

Dont wait for your reps to memorize every battle card. Empower them with real-time contextual information.

Change bad habits

Going on long monologues or talking too fast can quickly lead to your prospect losing attention. Help your reps have more engaging conversations with real-time tips to keep them on track Insights

Record, transcribe, annotate and analyze your sales calls - automatically and across platforms.

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Review customer conversations

Annotated call recordings and transcripts that link back to contacts in your CRM. Jump to important sections: e.g. customers’ questions, reps' knowledge gaps, next steps etc.

Know the ‘Voice of Customer’

Get the big picture or get granular with analysis of customer questions, objections, mentions of competitors, pricing negotiations etc.

Replicate your sales superstars

Find the secret sauce of your top performers and share it across your team.

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Monitoring a sales rep’s calls on the CRM was very manual and cumbersome earlier. Strings has made my life very easy. I am able to listen to the right calls for review (4X sales calls in the same time period) and able to provide and validate feedback to the team. I was also able to check for knowledge gaps in the sales calls. This was key in developing personalized training plans.

Sales Enablement

Nathan Philip

"Strings tool has helped me uncover inconsistencies in our sales pitches. We have created a sales manual where common questions and processes such as “company intro” are properly documented to bring more consistency into sales call. I also plan to incorporate the insights into our sales KRA where we can emphasize quantifiable metrics that we get from Strings.
Using Strings we have doubled our win rates within 2 months, we love it!”

Founder & Managing Director

Mukul Gupta

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